Magellan Solutions USA and Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. partnership under the service agreement, fosters a family-setting work environment that makes all employees feel at home and attrition at a minimum. This what sets the company apart from other offshore call centers.

Magellan makes use of state-of-the-art VoIP infrastructure that combines flexibility with cost competitiveness. We have adopted the full VoIPsolution ahead of most in the contact center industry because we believe that by staying ahead of our competitors, we will be able to offer optimum services at competitive rates.

With multiple redundant IP backbones and shared IPLC network serviced by the three largest carriers in the Philippines, we are fully redundant with our data and voice connectivity, therefore providing seamless operation 24/7.

Currently, also partnered with three different VoIP providers with several gateways across the US, providing optimum voice quality and latency anywhere in the country. Our flexibility with our VoIP providers allow us to be able to call anywhere in the world, while maintaining good voice quality.

Likewise, the flexibility of our solution allows us to partner with VoIP providers that are localized in a specific country or zone, therefore providing an optimal latency and minimal hop situation.

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