Energy & Utilities

Our clients understand it is essential for customers to have any issues or concerns resolved in a timely manner from their utility provider.

To maximize on revenues, utility providers have no need to change their offerings, but should focus on reducing costs while maintaining excellent service levels. Magellan Solutions USA has the people, processes, and technology that can perform these tasks while enhancing operation efficiencies. We offer exceptional customer service through prompt inquiry and issue resolutions, which are important, and in demand in this industry. Utility clients have turned to Magellan to help:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction through excellent customer service and support, on demand
  • Reduce costs by making operations more productive, efficient, and effective
  • Provide customers with self-service options, allowing them to easily resolve their own inquires and therefore reducing the use of the company’s resources

We at Magellan and our affiliates can provide you the design program that fits your Energy Efficiency and Demand Response requirements and goals.  We can provide you the technical support you need, using our staff resources that carries Professional Engineering (PE) licenses and Certified Energy Management (CEM) certifications.  One of our core services is to provide our potential clients consultation and energy audit services to see the opportunities in energy cost savings and streamlining opportunities.  We are also knowledgeable in Smart Meter and AMI technology’s for residential, business, and government utilities.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on your energy needs to Magellan Solutions.