E-commerce & Retail

Retailers spend thousands of dollars on online advertising to drive traffic with their website and increase online sales. Meanwhile, increased competition on the Internet and lower margins has forced retailers to not only compete on price, but on value-added services to build brand loyalty. Many of the world’s leading brands have turned to Magellan Solutions for our industry expertise and leading technology that can provide phone, chat, and email support to customers on a 24x7x365 basis.

Magellan specializes in retail and e-commerce support, and understands the unique nature of the market. Retail and e-commerce clients have turned to us to help:

  • Increase sales and acquire new customers
  • Strengthen current customer loyalty through improved customer service features and availability
  • Extend brand image through transparent use of highly trained, quality workforce
  • Improve scalability during seasonal spikes during the holiday seasons
  • Add a competitive advantage by offering chat and email support in addition to phone
  • Promote new product or service offerings
  • Provide customer service for loyalty programs
  • Tap into new markets through use of our foreign language support (over 110 languages offered)
  • Seamlessly integrate with a company fulfillment house or access one of 24-7 Intouch qualified fulfillment partners

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