Virtual Receptionist

It is costly to set up your own in-house team of Virtual Receptionists.  Most small and medium-sized businesses in similar situations outsource this need to an external inbound call center, employing Magellan Solutions as a specialized, cost-efficient solution.

The Virtual Receptionist call center at Magellan Solutions provides multiple communications channels (telephone, fax, voice mail, e-mail, instant messaging, web chat), boasts expertise in fielding trained customer support representatives to appropriate calls, and continuously monitors and improves our performance to enhance the highest degree of customer satisfaction.  Our job is to provide you the support you need in assisting your customer needs and using appropriate customer service techniques that creates a positive customer service experience for you and your customers.

Contact the Customer Call Center professionals at Magellan Solutions today to learn how to utilize our virtual receptionists with a 24/7 support line.