Jan Regala

Magellan Solutions USA, a premier BPO, Marketing, and Offshore solutions Consultation Corporation, has positioned its growth strategy by focusing on global expansion and collaboration. In an ever-changing global market of technological enhancements and efficiencies, Magellan Solutions USA has the capacity to cater to the growth climate of SMEs that translates to profitability and competitive strategies.

Jan Regala-Freeman joins Magellan Solutions USA as SVP Finance and Risk Management, with over 15 years of experience in Banking and Finance; Jan brings her expertise in data-driven, long-term strategic planning implementation. Her industry knowledge in target-market strategies, business development, value proposition analysis, customer retention strategies, and project management are transferable skills. Her talent add intrinsic value to the executive team at MSUSA. Her previous experience as a key player in client base expansion for a $600 billion lending corporation and is a valued member of various charitable groups and scholastic organization brings values to MSUSA. She has a BS in HS and Business Administration and holds a Master in Business Administration in Finance.